Meet the Glitchy Bunnies

In celebration of Mother’s Day in the U.S., I made a new kind of GB: Glitchy Bunny. The inspiration for Glitchy Bunnies comes from one of our beloved GB community members, Krystle, her toddler daughter (who we will call Mimi), and the story of Mimi’s very adventurous stuffed yellow bunny who lost an ear (!) in a fight with the family dog (you should see the dog… :).

Mimi’s actual bunny, the inspiration for the Glitchy Bunny story

After that pretty intense bunny vs dog adventure, Mimi’s mom performed “surgery” to cut off Glitchy Bunny’s drooly ear, and sewed up the resulting wound. Little Mimi was initially distressed, but her mom explained that her Glitchy Bunny is secretly a superhero adventurer, will be totally fine, and is just as lovable with one ear as with two. And if that’s not enough to feel better, Mimi can always draw herself and Glitchy Bunny into new shapes and adventures. Mimi is now proud of and likes to take pictures with her stuffed Glitchy Bunny.

I love this adorable story of adventures, obstacles, and love. We all have a version of this story, even the littlest among us. So I made some illustrations of Glitchy Bunnies with room for people to tell those stories. These Glitchy Bunny drawings make up a print-at-home coloring book for Krystle, Mimi, and anyone else who wants to color and embellish with their own story. You can find the printable version for free in the GB discord. If you have trouble finding them, DM me on Twitter.

Examples of Glitchy Bunnies by GBae

For the more adventurous who want to draw their own Glitchy Bunny adventures from scratch (whether on paper or digially in Procreate), I made a little video How to Draw Glitchy Bunnies:

How to Draw Glitchy Bunnies digitally on an iPad in Procreate (or on paper with a pencil)

Who knows… maybe there is a story to write together about the many untold adventures of the Glitchy Bunnies!

Much love to you all!

Beth (GBae ;)



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