Introducing The Balter Foundation x GB Project Collaboration

Balter means ‘to dance without particular skill or grace, but with extreme joy’.

Core Values of the GlitchyBitches NFT Project

Balter Foundation: Great Art = Catharsis + Empathy. But What about NFTs?

Balter’s original website at Harvard University.

The GBs (GlitchyBitches) Project: Digital-first Mental Health in the Metaverse

“Suffering, as horrible as it feels, is human. I would not wish it on anyone, but I also would not wish it away. What I want us to think about is how pain has powerful fuel in it, and how cultures of silence prevent people from many of the benefits of this fuel. Suffering has depth that can give us a world of compassion, the ability to see the humanity in polarized others, and the courage to heal the past and imagine a new story. Getting to the other side of it can give life more meaning.” — Beth Altringer Eagle



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